• Personal Loans

    We offer personal loans based on the type of individual and according to their financial needs. Each and every loan which is approved by the company is decided/approved considering the financial complications that the particular individual is in.

Get various types of loans from us such as personal loan, fast loan, retirement loan, SOCSO loan (pinjaman SOCSO), etc. Pinjamanloan.com.my is a licensed loan company Malaysia which operates our business in an efficient and trustworthy manner. Our loan services are offered with the aim to assist our clients in a quick way during the times of their financial needs.

These loans are created to aid our clients financially, with the aim of minimizing their financial burdens. For whatever reason, clients may find a suitable loan plan from our company that meet with their financial requirements.

Upon selecting the type of loan by clients, our company shall process the applications and the approval of the loan is subject to our company's terms and conditions. Processing period of loan approval shall be made to minimum as to quicken the overall loan process.

As an established money lender, Pinjamanloan.com.my is highly customer oriented by providing quality and efficient services to individuals. Thus, our fast loan approval is said to be well liked by our clients in meeting with their urgent financial needs.

We do have renewal policy for existing good client (application can be approve in a minute). We will issue a reminder letter and follow up with courtesy call to our borrower upon payment due date. For those late payment payee, a letter or notice will send out to them and additional charges will be incur (additional minimum 12% per annum) and for those who did not make the payment on-time and expiry this will indirectly impact to customer's Credit Score (disclaimer that results will vary for each individual).

Clients may feel free to seek for consultation from our dedicated consultants who are always ready to serve and provide the best fitting loan plan to individual's needs. Clients can be assured that our company is operating legally under the ACT of "Pemberi Pinjaman 1951". With our legal operation, clients may find a wide selection of loan schemes available from us with flexible repayment, Auto Renewal Policy, Annual Percentage Interest Rate 12 - 18%

6 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 60 mths
1,000 181.70 98.30 56.70 42.80 35.80 31.70
5,000 908.30 491.70 283.30 213.90 179.20 158.40
10,000 1,816.70 983.30 566.70 427.80 358.30 316.70
20,000 3,633.30 1,966.70 1,133.30 855.60 716.70 633.30
50,000 9,083.30 4,916.70 2,833.30 2,138.90 1,791.70 1,583.30
80,000 14,533.30 7,866.70 4,533.30 3,422.20 2,866.70 2,533.30
100,000 18,166.70 9,833.30 5,666.70 4,277.80 3,583.30 3,166.70